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How my brain represents knowledge and Pied a Terre

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I am writing an essay on how brains might represent knowledge. I need to know before Friday. After countless interviews with my brain, I still don’t have any answers. This is the holy grail question that creates endless jobs for cognitive psychologists. It should, therefore, remain unanswered.

Lunch at Pied a Terre put an end to the misunderstandings between mummy and me. We marvelled over how poorly presented the food from a two-Michelin-starred revenue could be.

The bread was either too crusty that they crumbled all over the table once you took a bite, or too coarse without any chewy texture. The brioche with bacon left me with greasy fingers and the poppyseed roll a messy table. The green olives were all right. Our starter was a blended milky cream soup of cod and trout that came in a small jug and was pouted into a dish studded with tiny cubes of carrot and celery. I had the herb-crusted rabbit leg for main and you would have thought the potato mash in the center of the dish was the star while three thin slices of meat sat upon a stick of carrot on the edge of the plate. Why? Contemporary art arrangement? Mum’s monkfish was simply boring and smelled fishy.

We were glad that we didn’t go for the tasting menu. It should be a company code that even the menu du jour must be up to normal standards.

We reminisced about the quiet environment and exquisite food from Aspley at Hyde Park corner. The bill came and we had six dishes of sushi at Roka across the street yesterday. They had a new baby monkfish that I bet would be more exciting and flavorsome, too. For once I didn’t crave dessert. Maybe I would have been more pleased with the food quality if I had the tasting menu, but for now, this restaurant is not on my to-try-again-soon list.

My motto is, stick to your principles and values regardless of price. Why would you let a menu du jour dampen the impression of your culinary skills– and restaurant?


Canape: potato with tomato, pumpkin and ginger mousse, foie gras sandwichimage

My main course: note– the potato in the middle is the side; the meat slices at the side are the mainimage

Mum’s monk fish. And below… my face after eating… By the way, I’m wearing the blue jumper I bought from DSM warehouse sale last Sunday. A lovely bargain and a great experience seeing how STRANGE people can dress! There was this chubby Mexican-looking girl in a puke-green pinafore dress and fish-net white top and black bra. Stunning.image


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May 4, 2010 at 4:26 pm

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